Let’s get

your time back.

Your time is your most valuable asset as an online entrepreneur – and honestly? You should be spending it on YOUR badass shit. Not posting on Instagram, and Facebook, and managing your leads. 

Because you didn’t start a business to do busy work – which is why… I did! 

All of those things you DIDN’T start a business to do? I’ll do them. All of them. So that you don’t have to. 

You can focus on what YOU do. 





Social Media Support – $550 USD

This gets the background noise HANDLED.


  • Facebook Group Posting
  • Facebook Group Growth Management
  • Social Media Presence Growth
  • Instagram Posting (1/day)
  • Instagram Engagement for Targeted Follower Growth
  • DM Management (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Content and Graphics Creation (available for an added $200/mo)


Full VA Support – $850 USD

If you’ve got a lot going on… that’s okay!! We all do. I’m here to streamline the shit out of it for you!


  • Full Social Media Management, as listed in “the Unicorn Suite”
  • Email and DM Management
  • Call Booking Management & Promotion
  • Email List Growth Management
  • Content and Graphics Creation (available for an added $150/mo)

Client Love

Honestly, I can't say enough about Tanya's work.

What HASN'T she done for me, at this point... Not only is she an incredible VA, she makes my life easier all around. She's always more than happy to go the extra mile, even when it's not convenient for her.

Plus, the results!! When we set a goal, we meet it. Group growth? We set the goal, and it's done. Project inquiries? Same deal. Once we decide that something is going to happen, she MAKES it happen.

And she keeps the fuck up with the algorithm changes, to make sure that I'm not being penalized for standards and changes that I don't know about.

Part of me wants to tell you not to work with her... so that I can keep her to myself!!

Gabrielle Elizabeth Scarlett